the green text, located and exposed

Thanks again, Google Earth for your amazing Street View!

I have been very active in the last days progressing on a long term systematic effort I initiated a couple of months ago for precisely locating all the city art of Reykjavík known to me and the one I know about but have not met yet.

And, as part of this effort, this week I went through a few virtual walks of Reykjavík on the Street View, quite useful, and one of them involved searching for the wonderful inverted green text I presented in my last post. I only approximately remembered the area where it was. So I went there on the Street View and took a street more or less chosen at random. Went up the slope, thinking that the green text could not be in this street, but possibly somewhere on the left of it (several minor streets not covered by Street View)…, but, suddenly, when I arrived at the end of my street… Oh, voila!!! I stumbled upon it!! What a surprise!!:

Located!: exactly at the upper end of Bókhlöðustigur, where it intersects with Þingholsstræti.

But, of course, there was another fantastic surprise: The text appears totally undercovered, without that structure that seemed an electrical facility, which blocked it when I met it, back in 2017.  

Google took the image in July 2013, which demonstrates that the electric facility that blocked the view in 2017 was installed after the text was written on the wall.

And there it goes: I inverted the image, so we can read it (well, those of you who know Icelandic…) as if normally written:

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