the extraordinary

The Craft Humanitas basic methodology is to discover by walking and seeing around, looking for the unexpected, which can arise at any turn. But sometimes the unexpected just traspasses a bit further beyond, where the extraordinary awaits… This happened on the eighth of September of 2017 in Reykjavík, when I stumbled upon this amazing composition: 1) a parking metter machine; 2) what seems an electricity infraestructure, painted with a big red ‘hotel’ sign and a grid representing black windows and entrance to it, and 3) a fascinating text written in green on the grey background. It took me a while to realize that it was mirrorlikely written, and, on top of that, part of it went beyond the electric facility!

Just in front there was a (house or shop, do not remember) window, which I used to reveal the real text (and the artist must have taken this window into account when composing their work!).

On all accounts, this is an incredibly ingeniously creative piece. Althoug one can not rule out the possibility that the two parts (green text and the hotel picture) do not belong to the same author or time…, but they constitute anyway a fantastic cluster of elements. I hope to find it again this year… 

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