faroese city art?

I photographed this weird collection of beautiful orange little lines on the dark grey earth in downtown Tóshavn on the first of September of 2017. The fact is that I had already seen the intriguing lines, of exactly this same type, in one or two other places in the city, on the pavement. Although they may have been made on purpose by somebody, perhaps a more plausible explanation (I thought) was that they may be simply licks from machines used for construction or city maintenance works… Whatever the case, I found them truly wonderful!!

In fact, in my detours through the city, this appeared to me something of a desert from the point of view of city art. The only certain sign I saw was this beautiful collection of hand prints on a white wall in a very narrow alley (if I remember well, there was an art or design studio at the corner, what helps to explain the presence of this otherwise concealed work of urban art):

There is, nevertheless, a little space in downtown expresely dedicated to city art, the name of which I did not see or record. I can only provide this photo I made. See the daring red lines steming out and even crossing the street:

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