unilinear humbleness still shining

Here is another of my preferred humble works of city art in Reykjavík, as I shot it on September 28, 2016. It stroke me by its ‘unilinear’ display and the playful but at the same time strong proportions and shapes of the letters (well, I suppose they are letters…, not so sure…).

And, during my following visit, I looked for it again and found it on September 7, 2017!! You can see there are subtle signs of decay, the paint has lost part of its lustre:

Unfortunately, in my walks I tend to be not very scientific at all with keeping some records of the specific locations, so everything I can say, as I did back in 2016, is that this little marvel is somewhere just behind he old cemetery of Reykjavík. At least, with respect to my 2017 visit, I can now provide a more general view of the surrounding background:

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