the Nordic House in Tórshavn

So, yes, as I said previously in a video, the so awaited visit to the Nordic House of the Faroe islands ended up to be somehow disappointing, for there was nothing in exhibition at the moment. A real pity, because the center is without doubt an architectural gem, and it would have been fantastic to see it in its full glory. The structure, partly buried in the earth, looks marvelously beautiful from outside, and the inner space is another design gem, functionally and prettily organized. But, alas! all I could see was the rooms, each designed for a specific use, empty! The only activity was revealed by a considerable amount of people in the cafeteria, which were the atendants to an international conference on something (I have forgotten what it was specifically) that was being hosted there. 

That means I have a good excuse for a new visit in the future… 🤗

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