this year’s journey: Edinbourgh-1

As I had foreseen, a three-day stay in Edinbourgh could not count as a true emulation of my old visits to my beloved Scotland. Nevertheless, even if ephemerally, the very first impression, mundane as it was (the Scottish houses —just as I recalled them!—, lining at both sides of the streets as our taxi sent us from the airport to the city center), brought all the magic back!

Afterwards, it was ‘merely’ a typical tourist visit, walking endlessly and visiting the not-to-be-missed tourist spots: nothing of a more ambitious ‘cultural survey’ event.

But (and this is a big ‘but’!) at last, yes!, we could experience the happily lively atmosphere of the famous Edinbourgh Festival, absolutely wonderful to witness and feel inmersed in! (in those my old visits to Scotland, more than twenty years ago, I failed misserably to schedule my trips in time for the event, very much to my regret…).

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