report of the 2017 campaign

A few clarifications:

– What Iceland gained in 1918 was its full political sovereignty, although still sharing head of state with the kingdom of Denmark at the time.

– The “very very interesting art exhibition” announced to be held apparently in October 2018 in Iceland, revolving around the centenary of Iceland’s sovereingty, is the Cycle Music and Art Festival, which encompasses a broad spectrum of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, debates, film projections, festive gatherings, etc. UPDATE: in answer to my enquiry, from Gerdarsafn – Kopavogur Art Museum (the venue that hosts the festival) they have just confirmed that Cycle will also run in 2018, adding that, although the dates are still undecided, September is a likely time, just as this year. 

– The Greenlandic art festival mentioned is the Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival, held every two years (not annually as I said in the video), which is taking place this year in October; consequently, its next edition shoud run in 2019.

– Both festivals (Cycle and Nordisk) focus heavily on artistic productions pertaining or relating to the West Nordic area (Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes).

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