big 15 year loop from West to East and back

Because the blog is less a place for unflinchingly insisting on the honourable theme subject of a website and more a freer space where the blogger’s soul can shine with less hesitation too, here I allow for a little conceit of my own…

Only a tiny fraction of the pictures shown here have been taken by myself. The authors that I can now recall are my father (Luis Ayllón), my elder brother (Juan Luis Ayllón), our 10+ year travel companions (Ana Ballesteros and Pilar Sánchez), my younger brother (Fernando Ayllón), my dearest old bosom friend (Ángeles Canzobre), my Tibetan Studies’ PhD mate (Mara Arizaga), Chinese staff of my workplace whose names are unknown to me, long forgotten Chinese and Korean students of mine, a few strangers and a machine! All of them helped to shape the last 15 years or so of my life and to unfold this video-presentation.

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