a bit of a graphic designer

It all began as a mere coincidence finding a book on colour design for the web at the bookstore. (I have long wanted to learn something about colour, which I barely understand at all!). I got frantic for a week, buying and reading several books, plus downloading and trying apps, all about the use of colour in design. I realized that my website, although… “interesting”, was also kind of dull. It needed a graphic designer!: myself!

I designed a colour palette: a base colour, two main colours, three accent colours. The site has changed dramatically!, it looks crispier, more attractive, while retaining the somehow sophisticated overall quality I still aim for it to convey.

Last, also by mere chance, I discovered that I had been totally misunderstanding the instructions of my website plattform (Virb) about the size format of the photos in the headings of several pages!! Several more days of frantic activity ensued, re-designing this facet of the site, which is critical for an efficaceous presentation.

It totally looks different, and for the good!

If last year was the birth of ths site, 2017 is the redesigning year, where it begins to enter maturity…

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