space crafting 1

The pictures are a bit old (I took them in July 2015), but the message they portray is a classic that never dies. They show part of the decoration of one of Starbucks coffee houses in Beijing. A lovely one, they got it just perfect! (alas!, I seldom visit that cafe, it is too far away from home, too troublesome the public transportation ride for me!).

It is all about space, that thing that surrounds us everywhere we are or go. It is about space transformation, one of the components of my envisioned future development of Craft Humanitas.

I want space around not only to surround, but actually to embrace. I want space to speak to me with the language and aesthetics of humanity, of crafthumanship. Tired of the aseptic, polished, facile, flat order of today’s urban environments. Do you still remember the meaning of cozy/warm/homey/welcoming?…

Space craft is not

a vehicle used for travelling in space!

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