blogonautics now!

After several months building up this site, in these days of November my life is taking an unexpected turn as I am truly becoming a blogonaut!!

To jump to the infinite abyss of the outer blogospace feels both exciting and scary! It brings me back 14 months ago to the Australian great barrier rift. I will never forget the emotional tsunami that invaded me at the very moment of dropping off the boat for my first session of sea diving ever (that one in the photo is me!).

Yes, I had been to the sea many, many times. But then, all of a sudden, I found myself floating in the vast expanse of the open ocean, far away from the coast, lost in the infinitude. It was overwhelmingly scary!

But this only lasted perhaps for ten or twenty seconds, after which, diving there was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.

Just something like that I feel these days leaping in the blogospace. But I know it is right the thing to be done! Here I go, blogonaut Fran Ayllón, into one of the greatest adventures of my already quite long life!

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